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ObamaLAW, not ObamaCare

Posted Feb 07 2013 12:37pm

Since well before 2010, I have been writing in opposition to ObamaCare. As a physician, I am simply trying to defend We The Patients. ObamaCare calls itself “Patient Protection” but is, in fact, an Act of Patient Elimination.  I doubt that even President Obama could have gotten his signature Act through Congress if it were titled honestly and accurately as the “Patient Elimination*, Dollar Diversion**, and Deficit Explosion*** Act.”

*Before you say that I am paranoid, look up what the IPAB – the Independent Payment Advisory Board, created by ObamaCare – is designed to do. Read about what its model in Great Britain, called N.I.C.E., has already done. Then search on Google for the “Liverpool Care Pathway,” where British doctors are paid bonuses to speed their patients’ trip to the grave!

**Over seven hundred billion dollars will be taken away from patient care services and given to bureaucrats for Obama’s expansion of the regulatory bureaucracy .

***Estimates for the cost of ObamaCare range between $1 trillion and $2.7 trillion, yes that’s with a “t.” Since we don’t have the money, we will have to borrow it, thus exploding our already super-sized national deficit and passing on a huge bill to future generations.

So, what should we call ObamaCare?

Obama’s healthcare “reform” bill started official life as House Resolution 3590. Then it became, “We-have-to-pass-it-to-find-out-what’s-in-it.” It was originally touted as the PPAHCA (Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act (PPAHCA), but the word “health” was dropped when President Obama signed PPACA in law on March 23, 2010.

PPACA has since been abbreviated to ACA (Affordable Care Act). ACA was first called ObamaCare only by its detractors. When the President said that he was proud of the moniker, ObamaCare became politically correct. I have been using the name myself.

Some people have been dubbed it pejoratively as ObamaNoCare. While it fits, I believe we should call things what they are rather than what they are not.

“ObamInsurance” seems apt but since Public Law 111-148 (PPAHCA)  covers so much more than just insurance, I had to reject that option.

After further thought, as there is no care, but there are tens of thousands of new rules, regulations and controls and thus much Law, I think we should call ObamaCare a more accurate name: ObamaLAW. What do you think?

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