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Obama asks nation for health-care reform input?

Posted Dec 23 2008 9:35pm

Door Link: MSNBC and Washington Post

Another door opens....

Interesting news. Today, in the Washington Post and on the MSNBC website, reports suggest that the door is open for the public to comment and give feedback on health reform.  "By applying the high-tech tools and grass-roots activism that helped him win the White House, Obama hopes to circumvent many of the traditionally powerful special interests that have quashed previous health-care reform efforts. "

So, there is an open door and an invitation to gather in groups to discuss how the nation should implement health reform. There is also the invitation to provide officials in Washington with specific ideas developed by these groups.

How novel!  Hmmm.... I wonder if I should offer wine, crackers & cheese to my guests...Nah...gotta have a clear mind. The only problem is I couldn't find out where to submit ideas and comments...but, here are comments shared on the Washington Post website.

I can't recall, in my lifetime, when there ever was an open invitation to provide feedback, commentary, & ideas to government officials.  Well it's true Toto,  we're not in kansas anymore!

Update 12/6/08: Thanks to Matthew at The Health Care Blog for sharing this link where comments and ideas can be input  >>

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