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Nurses are key to good patient experience

Posted Apr 05 2010 8:23am

By Nita Kasan, Guest blogger
Chief Nursing Officer, The College Network

With their unique perspective and incredible insight into the everyday workings of hospitals and other healthcare facilities, nurses are in a prime position to influence the health industry. Studies show that if patients and families aren’t satisfied with the nursing care being provided to themselves or a loved one, they’re rarely satisfied with their overall healthcare experience. This makes the role of nurses pivotal to a patient’s view. By improving their skills at the bedside, nurses stand to improve patients’ feelings about the healthcare industry as a whole. 

With the demands placed on nurses today, those choosing the profession must split their time between the routine responsibilities associated with patient care and reflection on processes that contribute to the overall patient experience.  This is not an easy task, and it’s made even more difficult when you factor in the key role that nurses play in overall patient outcomes.

Acting as the face of healthcare to patients everywhere, nurses around the world are finding their voices through conferences and online forums; sharing their daily triumphs, struggles and striving to make their thoughts and the concerns of their patients heard. The dichotomy between performing the tasks of a job and leading in the position can sometimes be a disconnect that is hard to overcome, but passionate nurses everywhere are taking the challenge as a chance to shine every day.

One of the unique aspects of nursing is the diversity of career options that can be pursued under the umbrella of “RN”. Throughout the years, my career shifted to healthcare management roles and I struggled to hold on to the passion and satisfaction I once had as a direct patient care giver. I eventually realized that I had been led down the path of management to become a LEADER. I had not jeopardized my values, my love for nursing, or my passion for patient care by stepping away from the bedside. What I had in my hands was an opportunity to influence the lives of individuals whose hands would reach out and impact the lives of many other individuals.

If you are a nurse or hoping to become one, don’t forget the immense power you have to not only change lives, but affect an entire healthcare industry on a daily basis.

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