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Nurse Practitioner’s Opinion Regarding Medicaid Reimbursement To Specialists

Posted Jul 03 2010 9:06pm

I send my patients to specialists when they need to go. Send your reports addressed to me, not Dear Dr. So and So. This makes them delayed as they are sent to another office in an entirely different town. When I ask for records from your office, send them in a timely manner. It can cause a delay in care and is dangerous for patients.

Please take Medicaid if you are a specialist. I understand that the reimbursement is terrible, but don’t make the patients suffer with curable conditions because the state won’t pay you more. Medicine used to be about patient care, not the almighty dollar. Didn’t it? We need change in the Medicaid system now to encourage more physicians to provide the desperately needed care my patients deserve in order to make them productive citizens.  This means that Medicaid should increase it’s pay to specialists in order to make it more attractive to add those panels to their practice.

If patient’s backs, necks and knees could be repaired they would not ask me for narcotics and for disability paperwork. They would provide for their families instead of relying on our tax dollars for the most part. There will always be the moochers of society. Children learn from their parents not to work because they are not being taught that hard work pays off anymore. It’s easier to collect a welfare check, food stamps and Medicaid.

Make Medicaid patients pay a copay at the emergency room to discourage indiscriminate uses of the ER as a walk in clinic. Make it okay to send them home once it is determined that there is no danger and tell them to come see me at the office. That’s what I’m here for.  I am available after hours every day of the week.  My patients know this.  Still, they insist on going to the ER because of the fix me now attitude instead of waiting until the next day to see me.

Just some thoughts.. What are yours?

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