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Not for the weak at heart...sto ...

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:23pm

 Not for the weak at heart...story on how 200 non-medical observers watched an actual surgical procedure...there are links on this site to watch actual surgeries via OR and some even offer CME credit for physicians...BD

LONDON — If life imitated "Grey's Anatomy,” watching surgeries from the hospital viewing gallery would be the perfect time for having a heart-to-heart, or untangling a complicated love triangle. As a medical expert attempted to explain the pipes and tubes in the human heart, the huge projection screen behind him came alive with action. What had been the easily recognizable chest of a 68-year-old man was now cracked open with two large, strong-looking metal clamps, revealing what looked more like baked salmon covered in ketchup than the "blood and guts” most would imagine lay inside.

One quick slice through a yellowish, vein-ridden layer of fat, and they were going to see the heart in person.  Silence. Then a sharp, collective intake of breath, and there it was.The surgeons drew another gasp from the audience as they inserted a tiny camera into the spongy valve, revealing many long, white chords retreating into darkness, attaching the valve's flaps to a ventricle wall out of sight.

And with only one " Oh, shoot!” after a tear in the heart caused a spurt of blood, Wells and his team completed the surgery, restarted the heart, and closed up the patient, drawing applause from the audience.

NewsOK: Surgery not as easy as it looks on TV

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