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Non-Invasive FDA Approved Fat-Zapping Zerona Laser An Alternative to Liposuction

Posted Jan 12 2011 2:32am

Here’s a video so you can take a look and see what you image think below.  One woman had a treatment every other day for two weeks and was happy with her results.  5 to 6 inches are the common results spoken here.  The video says the initial 2 week treatment is around $2000.  The Zerona has been recently approved by the FDA and this certainly looks like it could be an addition to the plastic surgeons office soon. 

The device looks like something out of Star Wars and the results certainly look good.  Dress and clothes sizes drop usually a size or 2.   The doctor states there are no side effects and it is a low level laser, fat liquefies and he says when done we “poop” the fat out via our digestive track! 

Some also stated they noticed their skins became tighter too.  This almost looks too good to be true.  BD

Now if that system is not what you want then here’s another one that I believe does target specific areas of the body for loss.  BD

Recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration, Zerona works image by penetrating the cells causing the fatty contents to leak out and the cells to shrink. The body absorbs the excess fat leaving the cells viable and still producing beneficial hormones.

Dubbed the next generation of liposuction, which involves loosening the fat cells internally and vacuuming them out through a tube, Zerona is a much more gentle and totally non-invasive process that shapes the contour of your body. Some patients report the treatment has even tightened excess skin.

Here’s some television coverage on the device.

Zerona is a low-level laser that works on target areas, usually the stomach, abdomen, thighs and back. A typical treatment lasts 40 minutes and is repeated three times a week for two weeks. There is no pain, bruising or skin irritation. Results are visible in about two weeks.

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