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No way to run a hospital

Posted Feb 27 2011 9:05am
A friend reports on her recent experience in a New York City hospital, where her husband was undergoing a hernia repair.

They were about as un-user friendly as one could be. They called 5 times to tell him to come in between yesterday and today, all the time seeming to change the information. They gave him the wrong pick-up info to give me, so when I came up the K elevators to an empty reception area, I only figured it out by barging into the patient bay area where there was a lone nurse at the station. She told me to go back down and come up the A elevators. When I did, I couldn't find the recovery area (no signs) and had to ask somebody at the blood bank window, who pointed me to the right doors -- which were locked. You couldn't open them by pushing on the door release button and nobody answered the intercom.

So I called Sam on his cell phone, and he gave me to a nurse who couldn't seem to understand the problem: "The door is locked, can you please have some one let us in?" (There was another woman there trying to pick someone up by then.) "We're very busy right now." So we got in because some staff person opened the door with a card key and let us in, too. (He probably shouldn't have: How did he know who we were?). I felt badly for the other woman because she was old with a cane. The nurses couldn't seem to focus on talking to her, whereas they were suddenly wanting to help me.

And the elevators barely work and were crowded as hell. If we had put Sam in a wheelchair like they suggested, I think we would still be there. Of course he was walking slowly, having just had his abdomen repaired, so I basically had to body-check the elevator doors (and they were brutal) to get him in.

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