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No more white coats in the UK, w ...

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:23pm 1 Comment

No more white coats in the UK, why?  They carry potential bacteria, same as other personal items worn such as ties, etc.  A study in 2004 in New York found that nearly half of neckties carried at least one  species of infectious does this happen, when you think about it, how often does a tie or jacket get laundered?  Dress code in the UK starts next year...BD 

LONDON - British hospitals are banning neckties, long sleeves and jewelry for doctors and their traditional white coats in an effort to stop the spread of deadly hospital-borne infections, according to new rules published Monday.

Doc's white coat falls prey to superbug fears - Health Care -

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whoa! really? I thought it can prevent the spreading of virus or bacteria. Here in Arizona, we strictly implemented the policy of donning a white meta lab coats, regardless with the neckties and long sleeves.  Of course, doctors should not wear any jewelry - hospital is not a fashion show, and it is prone with virus. I better tell this blog to my co-doctors.
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