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New Surgeon General May Serve To Be One of the Best Role Models in Government

Posted Jan 11 2010 12:44pm

I think it is unfortunate that the excess weight topic has been spoken about in some of the terms on the internet that I find less than tasteful and that is always the story with so many, pick, pick, pick, but their very own closet is probably full of worse items if the truth were known.image

On a positive note, the doctor is in a great spot to be a role model and encourage others and admits she’s not perfect.  Have you ever been to Bayou LaBatre?  If you have not, go visit and adjust your remarks if you have been a picker.  That town is very challenged and does have some really neat things about it too, but people there struggle. For the doctor to rise from her background and make her way up the ladder as she has, do you not think she’s done some things right? 

In this article I am using here for my comments there’s a question at the bottom asking do you think she can serve since she is over weight?  Give me a break, this is just one more “picking” comment and the writer can’t seem to see any positive here but rather is one of those articles that seems to cling on to dirty laundry instead.  Her brain and element of human caring is not in her stomach or her fanny for goodness sakes, so I think the sooner we can learn to deal with imperfections we will be a lot better off, as we all have them, me too. 

In summary, I think she’s in a good spot here as I talk so much about “Magpie Healthcare” those that pick, and just like to hear themselves talk with little or no participation and do nothing more than repeat what they read or hear and fall far from trying something new and innovative.  The web is full of Magpies here and I would really like to try and stamp that out and replace those folks with people who get with it.  They will eventually phase themselves out anyway when people get tired of hearing from them, and this is one reason blogs have become so popular too, we are the partners of the journalists most of the time.  We take the important news they report and make it personal and perhaps fill in a few blanks on how things will affect yourself. 

There are Magpies everywhere and this article seemed to be headed in that direction too, looking for attention.  Again, I think Dr. Benjamin is in a prime position to be a great role model as gosh knows nobody else is doing it, look at all the folks in Congress that don’t have a perfect BMI, and yet they want the citizens to be perfect and work within these somewhat less than “human” algorithms to get healthcare, big magpies there. 

Right now I’m just pretty happy with the fact that she has done followed the pack and put up a blog asking for suggestions, we have enough of those floating around right now, and not to say that in time she could blog, but gee, let her get her feet wet and quit picking on personal appearances when she has admitted there’s room for improvement and let’s see our new Surgeon General step into the spot light and be true role model, something that nobody else in government has to this point shown any interest in. BD 

Dr. Regina Benjamin, the rural family physician that will become the "nation's doctor" after she is sworn in this afternoon, counted herself among the nation's 146 million American adults who are overweight or obese, but said "being healthy and being fit is not about a dress size. It's about how fit you are at that moment in time."

Benjamin, 52, told ABC's Good Morning America that her top priority will be "wellness and prevention."

Dr. Benjamin grew up in a state that has one of the nation's highest rates of excess weight in both adults and children. She founded and ran a medical clinic in rural Bayou La Batre, Ala., until recently. When President Obama nominated Benjamin to the job in July, some commentators suggested her extra poundage could undermine her credibility in leading the federal government's fat-fighting efforts. Among them was former New England Journal of Medicine editor and Harvard University Medical School lecturer Dr. Marcia Angell.

New surgeon general is sworn in, defends her weight | Booster Shots | Los Angeles Times

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