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New Potential Drug to Treat advanced Melanoma

Posted Jun 01 2009 10:43pm

Clinical Trials state that the drug is prolonging life and also showing to shrink tumors.  We may all remember the Super Bowl this year with Bruce Springsteen and the member of his band lost to skin cancer, and now there’s the Danny Fund foundation where you can contribute. 

This study looks good, but a larger clinical trial will be started soon to further test the drug.  BD image

Scientists say they have developed a drug that can treat the most deadly form of skin cancer in its most advanced, incurable stages.

Malignant melanoma is the most rapidly increasing cancer in the UK, largely due to sun exposure. 

An experimental drug PLX4032 (R7204) could help many patients with incurable disease live longer with the disease in check, early trial results suggest.

Roche and Plexxikon presented the work at a renowned US cancer meeting.

PLX4032 works by seeking out and destroying tumor cells carrying the BRAF mutation implicated in 60% malignant melanomas.

Patients treated with PLX4032 lived for a median of six months without their disease getting worse and more than half experienced significant shrinkage of their tumors.  Roche and its partner Plexxikon told delegates at the American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting in Florida that they now plan larger trials to further test the drug's safety and check things like what dose is best.

BBC NEWS | Health | Drug hope for advanced melanoma

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