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new Invention of a new neck brace can you please give feed back were to post articals to get exposer,

Posted by shaneo

Hi, i didnt know i was going to have the option to attatch photos , my invention is going to be online in a few days ,im really happy its been alot of work to get it on the market,to tell you a little about it ,its a neck support brace made of plastic tubing with support links that are interchangable for longer or shorter necks ,provides a flexible fit that kee ps the head in a upright normal position, very low profile look, with a flexible fit it wont make the neck weaker from restricked movement unlike most neck braces ,soft collars, i have torticollis my chin is all the way down to my chest, no cure ,the doctors wouldnt put me in a typical brace ,they said it would make it weaker,so i invented a neck brace  that gives support,giving the head fullrange motion when wering it,improves posture ,muscle spasms,helps with the pain , very low profile frame style brace light weight, waterproof ,easy to put on and take off ,with a velcro hook in loop fastener,its in the (nsta) nasional spasmotic torticollis association magazine that comes out this week ,they have a issue that comes quarterly  every year, would you please give me your input were to post articals and other people that might benifit from the brace, and if its in the wrong catagory please let me know or pass it on to were it gets the most exposer, i hope you all have a blessed day and thank you for being in the healthcare field,      Shane Peters,



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