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Need to Administer CPR – Chest Compressions That Are Saving More Lives Than Mouth to Mouth

Posted Oct 14 2009 10:01pm

This was an eye opener for me.  This 22 year old was not breathing and was brought back from the dead.  Mouth to mouth was not the answer, image compressions on the chest was the lifesaver.  The family called 911 who instructed him on how to use CPR.  The trick is to get to as many compressions in as possible – chest compressions 100 times a minute.

In Arizona in 2004 the possibilities of surviving a cardiac arrest were 3%, as grim as anywhere else; however, paramedics now do chest compressions to revive patients, 200 compressions in 2 minutes.   Statewide survival rates more than tripled in Arizona and in Flagstaff 1/3 of the patients have been saved by this method.

I think I need to learn and make sure I can perform Chest Compressions in case I am ever in that position of offer help.  This is something I was not aware of and will do some more reading up for sure.  BD 

Cheating Death: Back from the dead -

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