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MUVE GRUVE - Track The Calories You Burn in Real Time – Accelerometer Device

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:01pm

We have yet one more device to enter the arena.  The Gruve was developed on conjunction with Mayo Clinic.  The push is for employers to incorporate the product for use in wellness programs, although you can certainly buy on yourself.  I originally wrote about the product a few months image ago.

The Muve Gruve Device Measures your Inactivity – Intrusive Technology with a Human Audit Trail?

If you are large enough, you the “Muvologist” to come out and set up all the employees on the use of the product.  This one runs around $300, which of late we saw the Fitbit at $100, so I’ not sure on what exactly is the big difference here with the two products other than Muve may have the Mayo Clinic studies in line with their product. 

I still believe all this information that goes to websites for all these devices should pass through a PHR, personal health record first to allow access.   With the way security is today and scams all over the web, I think that is only a fair precautionary measure as well as being able to choose who you want to have access AND know where you data is stored.   This is important and it’s going to even be more important in the upcoming year to implement such devices without being intrusive and disruptive. 

Participatory Sensing from CENS at UCLA

Participatory Sensing – Medical Devices Reporting Data for Patient Compliance

The above 2 articles discuss some issues that need to be addressed with using devices.  Let’s say you already have a phone and maybe one other biometric devices, are we overdone?  As you can read below companies such as Best Buy have already incorporated the product into their wellness program.  I’ll have to look next time I’m in one of their stores and see if I find anyone using it.  They are not the first as Target works with Red Brick Insurance to add biometric monitoring to their programs as well.  Overall I think having it and using on your own or with a group is fine, but have serious doubts and wonders about how secure all the transmitted information is when used with wellness programs where you are not in control of the data.

It’s a major war right now “to get your data”, in God we trust, all the rest bring data if you want healthcare it seems.  I just think the company somewhat blew it a bit by not placing one of these on every member of Congress so they could understand how devices are quickly entering the area of healthcare.  Perhaps the Office of the Attending Physician could make room for a “Muvologist”, as if it good for us, shouldn’t it be good for them.  By doing such I think it would help everyone by adding participants at the top levels of our government, entering into the world of participation.  BD

Our Gruve is an amazing piece of technology! This little device provides you with a personalized, quantifiable measure of your activities and the calories you burn throughout your day.
The Gruve uses an Omni directional accelerometer to measure activity intensity and duration. Synchronizing your Gruve device with our Gruve web site gives you the ability to view your own daily calorie burn and track your weight loss progress.

Product Description: We have developed the Gruve Solution™, a patent-pending weight management
system that tracks energy expenditure with a wearable device, an accompanying online service and our
Muvology™ consulting services. Our product is unique in that it allows an individual to accurately track
their personal caloric burn throughout the day and determine the amount of activity needed to exceed
their caloric intake and lose weight. Our Gruve device uses an Omni directional accelerometer to
measure activity intensity and duration. Synchronizing the Gruve device with our Gruve web site gives
the customer the ability to view their daily calorie burn and track their weight loss progress. We are
currently providing our scientifically-tested

Customers: Companies such as Medica, Mercy Hospital Cedar Rapids, General Mills, Best Buy, U.S.
Bank, Emerson Process Management, and Salo have all implemented the Gruve Solution with the
objective of lowering health care costs while their employees become more healthy and active
. We are
also selling to the individual consumer through both online and offline retail channels.


The science of adding activity into your daily routine.

Muve, Inc. is able to provide both motivation and support to our customers through our trained Muvologists™. Our Muvologists are placed onsite to support each employee throughout the entire Gruve™ experience from the initial assessment and goal setting phase, all the way through to completion of the program. Muvologists will also help employees develop long term plans which integrate all of the learning from the Gruve program.


Our Muvologists have been trained in the areas of activity based weight loss, exercise, physiology, nutrition, and psychology. Muvologists have also been trained in Kinetic Ergonomics™ so they can analyze the current work environment, make suggestions for creating an active work space and help to implement healthy changes for employees.

When you combine the insight and support of a Muvologist with the Gruve device and Gruve Online™, the result is increased activity levels and better health.

MUVE - Track your calorie burn and fitness in real time

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