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Most physicians today are not re ...

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:17pm

Most physicians today are not ready for this yet, with the knowledge and information required for patients who may need genetic testing.  DeCode has already come out and announced an increased marketing approach for physicians and here in California, you do need a physician's prescription for the process. 

A few weeks ago the Chief Science Officer at DeCode made the news with his own story and hopefully lifesaving detection of prostate cancer.  The companies do not have the huge marketing forces as does the Pharma industry, but as an example, DeCode will offer a free test to any physicians who take the time through their sales efforts to become more familiar with the process, I guess what is better than having your own genomics test done and have it as a learning sample to help understand the needs of patients. 

Another company, Myriad employs 250 sales representatives that reach out to doctors.  LabCorp also has a sales staff of many reaching out to physicians and has also taken the role of being the licensed provider for 23andMe genetic services.   You can read more here about LabCorp and the National Genetics Institute, subsidiary of LabCorp in the Los Angeles areas.  Genetics has had somewhat a limited presentation in many medical schools, but it is growing.

So soon you might starting seeing an accelerated group of sales and marketing representatives at the door as time moves forward.  There is also Helix Health Online that could also be of help.   Helix is one of the first privately held personalized medicine practice in the US, marketing programs targeting physicians.

The genomics move and personalized medicine, coming to a physician's office soon.  BD


At Helix Health, our physicians and genetic counselors are trained to leverage these powerful new tools to properly counsel and educate patients, to work cooperatively with you to incorporate their genetic test results in their care, and ultimately improve the health and satisfaction of your patients. Our commitment to continuity of care means that your patients will continue to receive relevant updates on a quarterly basis. Helix Health is your upgrade to personalized medicine for your practice.

As the idea of personalized medicine begins to take hold in the public mind, personal genomics companies and diagnostics firms are ramping up efforts to market their tests to doctors, recognizing that physicians stand to be powerful mediators between the genetic testing industry and consumers.  The AMA now recommends that all genetic tests be performed “under the care of a qualified healthcare professional.”

Pharmacogenomics Reporter: DTC Ad Bans, Limited Genetic Knowledge Spur Industry to Ramp Up MD Marketing

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