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More Business Intelligence Software for Drug and Health Plans - As PharmMD Launches New Line of Algorithms To Help Them Meet the

Posted Oct 06 2010 5:00pm

I don’t know about you but I have heard enough about all the ratings anymore and with so much competition and rhetoric out there, it means very little any more as the real items that count is the doctor you are consulting, the hospital you are in or the drug plan that is currently servicing you, but I guess all these press releases are image meant to drive up business, although anymore they are all so “canned” and almost in every one there’s a comment on how ‘excited, pleased, enthused” etc. they are, not to mention boring and stuffed full of all kinds of marketing jargon.  So here’s a vendor that is now going to help drug and health plans up their ratings. As a consumer you will be delighted to read this, bragging rights below on how many lives they have under management…do you feel like a can of peas?  I think sometimes the folks who write this stuff forget that consumers read it too. 

“PharmMD now has millions of lives under management and has delivered savings in excess of three times the costs to its clients. Most importantly, it has positively impacted the lives of patients by giving all providers the information necessary to improve the management of prescription medications.”

This entire rating game really got old with me when I found HealthGrades listing dead doctors and couldn’t even archive those who are deceased.  They sell this information too and create other named sites that lead back to them, so again credibility on algorithmic ratings….nah…it doesn’t matter that much anymore.  There’s nothing wrong with having information to reference but gee the consumer is already over whelmed with enough in life right now so these items as such are just disruptive and nobody really cares.  I used to write software and normally am a big enthusiast and love to see some new innovative code out there but stuff like this doesn’t really show much value anymore and frankly is just another bunch of algorithms for sale and those transaction fees just keep rolling in profits. 

Next as consumers we will have to see all these health and drug plans tout their ratings which again makes no difference at all as your case is the one that matters.  Drug and Health plans I thought were already up to their ears in software, but in case not, there’s more on the way.  BD

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--( EON: Enhanced Online News )--PharmMD, the nation’s leader in quality Medication Therapy Management (MTM), announced today a new product, PharmMD STAR Solution, to help health and drug plans increase their Medicare CMS Star Ratings.

“We saw an opportunity to help both patients and health plans,” said Bo Bartholomew, chief executive officer of PharmMD. “This new technology solution ensures that patients will get access to the best care available and helps health plans qualify for new bonuses and rebates that are available through the health care reform bill.”

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services introduced CMS Star Rating to provide an easy-to-understand rating system for health and drug plans. CMS rates plans based on several criteria that range from 1 to 5 stars, with 5 being the best.

Beginning in 2012, health and drug plans that score at least a 4-star rating can earn bonuses of 1.5 percent and upwards to 5 percent after 2013. Those bonuses, however, are based on the scores the health plans earn this year. Currently, most plans would not qualify since the national average is around 3.25 stars.

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