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More about the anger epidemic... ...

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:20pm

More about the anger epidemic ...and it's not only in the UK, but there's plenty to go around here in the own personal opinion feels that technology and the use and/or lack of contributes, as cost justification and so many new unknowns are tossed at each one of us every day..almost at a pace faster than we can manage... enter frustration...what is here today is gone image tomorrow on one hand and especially in health care, which involves all of us, the bottom is slowly falling out of the barrel for cost and payment... nobody wants to pay the bill... or has the time for a face to face conversations in many instances...and the end result is frustrating, with folks emailing and texting some issues that should be done face to face, or at least with a web cam so we don't have the " sounds of image silence" prohibiting the exchange of what is normal conversation and human exchange...that's one of our senses and without the ability to hear and feel emotions, it is difficult for one to clearly hear, understand and communicate like we were  designed to do...thus important and meaningful conversations are reduced merely to being just a text box that appears on your much as I like and use new technology myself, I still find there needs to be an overall balance to get through some emotionally critical times and try not let frustration mask itself as anger towards others.   Perhaps there will someday be a new 12 step image program to once again help the human race begin to communicate and work together as a team members ...we still need "freedom of speech" and not just "freedom of text" today...and here's the story below...BD 

According to a new report 'anger' is a problem which is endemic in British society, but little is done about it. A study by the Mental Health Foundation (MHF) says despite widespread concern about family breakdowns and mental health problems, not enough is being done to intervene at an early stage. The MHF study defines problem anger as that which is "held on" to for too long or which produces inappropriate aggression.

The mental health charity warns that people who cannot control their anger have nowhere to turn leading to family breakdown, sickness and mental health problems. In an accompanying survey of 1,974 people it was found that 64% believe people are getting angrier in general and 32% said they had a close friend or family member who has trouble controlling their anger ; another 28% voiced concern about how angry they sometimes felt and 20% of people said they had ended a relationship or friendship because of the other person's anger.

Report says anger endemic in British society

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