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Mobile Phone Technology Being Developed to Test for STDs

Posted Nov 09 2010 4:44pm

The trick here is appears would be to spit or pee on a chip or special piece of paper, and then insert into the phone for analysis.  The paper that is being tested changes colors and the article states that it is being tested for analyzing blood image samples too.   What will your phone not do for you in the future.

The article also makes mention of the fact that before such products are released that a major education and discussion round would be needed to bring physicians into the realm too, after all they would be the ones dealing with the patients after a self analysis type of test.  The chips would be sold in a vending machine type of atmosphere, so I guess they could share space with the condom machines.  BD 

CNN) -- A research project in Europe aims to let people self-diagnose sexually transmitted diseases like HIV and syphilis by using their mobile phones.

But don't worry. You won't have to pee or spit on your phone, despite what the tech blogs are saying about these efforts.

The "eSTI2" project, managed by Tariq Sadiq from St George's University of London, England, recently received a $6.5 million grant to develop small chips that can be used to used to test saliva, urine or blood for sexually transmitted diseases. The chips -- which, yes, you would need to pee on in some cases -- would connect to mobile phones for processing.

It's possible that a smartphone app would be able to tell a person if they'd tested positive or negative for a particular STD in 5 to 15 minutes, Sadiq said.

Whitesides' chips are made of paper that changes color when a small drop of blood is added. Testers snap mobile-phone photos of the chip and send them via text message to a clinic for diagnosis. His aim is to create chips that would sell for 1 cent and be available in about a year.

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