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Miramar Labs lands $35.8 Million Funding To Begin Marketing miraDry Laser Treatment for Excessive Sweat In the Arm Pits

Posted Jun 08 2011 11:45pm

Back in February the company received FDA 501k Clearance for the device.  Wow, that’s a lot of money for a laser treatment for sweat or to stop sweat I should say.  image Maybe this was an important move as back in 2009 the FDA began considering anti- perspirants drugs and some reports said there was a possible connection between breast and prostate cancer with their use?  Do you believe everything you read these days, I hope not. There have been some commercials and ads lately about under arms and Steven Colbert did a great job with the exaggeration of arm pits.

Antiperspirants are Considered a Drug by the FDA – Recent Study looks at a connection possible between breast and prostate cancer

The Colbert Report
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If you don’t want to go this far, there are stick on pads too.

The investors include Aisling Capital and Cross Creek Capital, investors Domain Associates and Morgenthaler Ventures.  Wow almost $40 million to address this problem as Steven Colbert says is one of the items directed towards women to make them feel less secure about themselves and creating a market from scratch.  Is this going to be covered by Medicare <grin> and how would this fall into an ACO area for savings:)  BD 

Miramar Labs Inc. raised $35.8 million in a Series C funding round, leaving them just shy of their $36 million goal, according to an SEC filing.

The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company's claim to fame is miraDry, a laser-based treatment for excessive underarm sweat. The device uses microwave energy to cook sweat glands in two hour-long noninvasive doctor's office visits.


The company plans to use the funds to begin marketing the device, according to Xconomy .

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