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Microsoft Tag and Surface Working Together (Video) – The Frog is the Future of Your EOB Getting to Your PHR

Posted Feb 06 2010 3:47pm

I have posted about Windows Tag and their potential use for identifying recalled medical device and their use with keeping a lid on drugs toobut the FDA won’t imageeven give me an answer. Read the link below for a rather lengthy post I did on the suggestion.  This is free and has the potential of saving lives so I guess it’s easier to let folks die than to maybe open up a level of curiosity here?   If you want to get the full picture on some of this informationread the links for more.  Yes I am on the case here for the use of this technology in healthcare and will keep blasting it at every opportunity I have.  Take time and read the links here if you can and it will create a better understanding of what the potential is here. 

Does it not make sense to scan a devicemedicationetc. before use.  I addressed the medical devices as there is no way to really stay on top of thiseven hospitals that have registries may miss pulling one off the shelf unintentionally!  If you scan the Tag on the package of the devicelike a stentyou know right on the spotand heck with all the cell phones out thereand the fact that this is freethere is certainly no shortage of phones around to scan!!  It’s just a matter of creating interest for a human application in a world of “tech denial” individuals who have low levels of curiositywhich has been stated in studiesleads to a lower level of intelligenceget it? 

Tracking Medical Device Recalls – Sounds Like A Good Place for a Microsoft Tag Data Base at the FDA

Recently in the news Microsoft employees will have a pilot program to try out getting their EOBs in HealthVault too.

Ok so you have used your phone to access your EOB but want a larger viewtake it over to a Surface Computer and have a lookmove it around,etc.-the frog dressed up in EOB clothing (grin). 
When you see the second videothis is what is going on with the frog.  Now keep in mind with healthcare information these tags will be encrypted and will require authentication to viewunlike the frog.  You can read more at the link below to see how HeatlhVaultGoogle Health and Dossia are working with this technology.

Of course everybody does not have a Surface Tablet sitting around to do thisbut information from a paper article or something other article can use your cell phone as the vehicle to transportand then when you open your PHR on your computerthere it issecurely filed away where it should be in your PHR

Watch what happens to the frog hereyou really need to watch both videos to grasp the concept I think. 

image image

This video was done in France so there’s part of it you may not understand but the visual says all.  I welcome any and all comments or questions too!  AgainI see this as an opportunity to save lives by embracing some very easy and simple to useand free technology.  BD 

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