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Michelle Obama Asks Congress to Join Childhood Obesity Fight–Maybe It Will Inspire Some of Those out of Out of Tolerance B

Posted Sep 10 2010 1:34am

I commented on this item and when she was embarrassed when the President announced here program.  I did a little speculating and it was just that as I thought I might have felt the same if I were talking about nutrition and watching weight and seeing a crowd of many portly individuals surrounding me. image

Our Congress does not do too well with technology so how about those with some big BMIs doing this as examples for the kids?  I hope this is not something that is just “for those guys over there'” like so much of what we hear today.

Now why was this maybe an embarrassment?  Going back to the cameras panning the audience, there were enough overweight and semi obese people listening to the President in the House to fill up a clinical trial on weight reduction and battling obesity!

If you read between the lines we have a large group of non participants that are creating laws and supposed to be working in the best interest of the the American public and with the focus on reducing obesity, sitting on a “fat” bottom kind of takes away from being any kind of role model, anyway my 2 cents on this topic. (grin).

Anyway, this is a good move and hopefully the laws and rules she is asking for, go forward, it makes sense and kids need good food today at school.  BD

SLIDELL, La. — Declaring the beginning of the “next phase” of a program to combat childhood obesity , the first lady, Michelle Obama , called on Congress on Wednesday to pass legislation that would make many of the program’s initiatives possible.

Under the act, food sold in schools would have to meet new nutrition guidelines, but schools would get an increased amount of federal reimbursement money for meals. It would also expand the number of poorer students who are eligible for free and reduced-price school meals.

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