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Michael Moore is Back with a Preview of His New Movie – Save our CEOs A Sequel to “Sicko”?

Posted Jun 14 2009 10:43pm

Movie goers in a few communities got a little surprise this weekend with not only the preview, but ushers with cans ready to take donations.  This is very Michael Moore style, he gets attention.  the picture below is classic from the theater.  Of course he’s not looking for our donations but rather making a point as he did with Sicko, which brought a lot of attention and an awareness, but sadly has not had a strong enough impact on how we deal with healthcare.

We still have “Common and Customary Insurance Companies” with little or no change on business models, that have the purse strings on a lot of the money.  Greed on Wall Street and Greed with Healthcare play together, so it’s hard to separate the two anymore as they both use technology and lack of by others to their advantage.  We do need the “smart people” in positions of authority with some experience in technology so we don’t end up with another embarrassing situation like we had with the SEC   and help stamp out “Magpie Healthcare”.  

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How Similar is Wall Street to the Health Insurance Business
Insurance CEOs Get Rich While Denying Health Coverage to Children – As Noted in the Senate Hearings

It’s all about software and the use of algorithms we use to make decisions, so perhaps some new ones that include some human elements would be beneficial.  Last I looked though, humans are still writing the formulas.  Is there still anything in the works to help issues like balance billing? 

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Here’s the trailer from Sicko from a short time back, has anything changed, maybe why we need items like this on the big screen so we don’t forget.

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