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Medicine is in between layers of ...

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:18pm

Medicine is in between layers of the film and used with a small implant, inserted with the use of robotics.  The bandage is just one of 3 devices being tested.  BD 

The etched patterns in the researchers’ microchip mimic the gecko's feet. A layer of biodegradable glue helps the bandage stay sticky when wet and could eliminate the need for stitches.

And the future of image delivering medicine could be in a device called Micro-Pharmacy. Medicine is sandwiched between positive and negatively charged layers of film. Researchers hope to implant the chip in patients to deliver drugs to targeted areas in the body.The light weight disposable plastic spherical mechanism takes the guesswork out of finding the accurate biopsy spot. Currently, a CAT scan uses radiation so doctors cannot be in the room when it is done. Doctors watch through a monitor then return to the patient. But Robopsy will change that.

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