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Medical Monitoring and Info Devices: GSM/GPRS Wireless Telehealth Monitor – Life Span Medical Screen Phone

Posted May 08 2009 10:42pm

Here’s a couple more devices making their way to market, both have wireless and Bluetooth capabilities. 

This is a pretty interesting medical devices, goes right on your home network with it’s IP address and had a multitude of blue tooth wireless devices that talk to it and add information, such as scales, glucose monitors, etc.  Specifications can be found here.  

One day, first thing in the morning after awakening, talk to your device I think may be the future?  One day down the road we may have to transmit all this data to the ER room before we even show up. 

LifeSpan also has one more interesting device below that will work with an EHR/EMR. (below).  I wonder if this type of device could effectively talk to a PHR like the HealthVault too. 

Tunstall Healthcare has announced the launch of its RTX3371 telehealth monitor - an interactive telehealth device with in-built GSM/GPRS mobile phone technology that collects vital signs wirelessly from a range of external devices such as weight scales and blood pressure cuffs.


The launch further expands Tunstall Healthcare's range of telehealth products and solutions available to healthcare organizations and providers in USA, which have been designed to effectively monitor patients with chronic diseases in the home.

In addition, the RTX3371 telehealth monitor's spoken voice functionality allows it to collect subjective patient information from patient questionnaires, and to automatically transmit the data to a clinical backend software application based on an open architecture interface.


Tunstall Clear to Market GSM/GPRS Wireless Telehealth Monitor in USA |

Lifespan will commence the marketing of the Medical ScreenPhone, its internet access telephony product, to the 14 trillion dollar US healthcare industry as a medical verification, authorization and billing solution as well as a home care communications tool. Lifespan anticipates that the medical marketplace introduction will be rapidly followed by deployment into the hospitality, banking/finance, security and other telecom markets.

Lifespan CEO, Mr. Ken Berscht stated, “Increased efficiencies are sorely needed in healthcare. Currently, administrative costs in healthcare exceed $200 billion each year. The Medical ScreenPhone can be easily utilized to significantly improve the efficiency of a small part of the US medical electronic data transfer (EDT) and electronic medical record (EMR) market. But the best part of the use of the Medical ScreenPhone in this industry is that it will ultimately improve the practice and delivery of healthcare to the benefit of doctors and their patients.


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