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Medical Marijuana News in California–First TV Ad Airs in California And Workers At Marijuana Factory Join the Teamsters

Posted Sep 03 2010 10:58pm

The commercial has been getting mixed reactions on whether or not the advertising should be allowed on TV.  There were no pictures of the product or anything showing use, just the commercial of 30 seconds talking about it. 

In another news story , workers that grow and maintain the gardens have joined the teamsters union. 

The company will pay for the workers' health care costs, which is pretty much what the contract was all about.  image

“The workers are employed by Marjyn Investments LLC in Oakland, a management company retained by multiple lawful cooperatives organized under California laws for the purpose of providing patient access to medical marijuana.

The workers are trimmers, gardeners and cloners. Cloners clone different strains of marijuana, depending on its medical needs, said Lou Marchetti, the business agent for Local 70, which organized the workers and negotiated the contract. Marjyn Investments provides medical marijuana used by patients suffering from cancer, HIV and other life threatening illnesses.”

Who would have ever though marijuana providers would be organized?  The agreement was negotiated and signed quickly without much ado and all parties seem happy and satisfied too.  BD 


No one seemed out of joint earlier this week when a California TV station broadcast what is believed to be the first-ever paid spot for medical weed. Or were they just keeping a lid on their feelings?
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