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Medical devices are also converg ...

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:18pm

Medical devices are also converging on the world of pharma…G.E. Phillips, Siemens, and there are more with the diagnostic business.  Then we have the medical devices themselves, screws, nuts and bolts…many with wireless and other technology built in, pacemakers that report back to a mobile phone or computer as a simple example.  If you are regular reader of this blog, you may have already seen many of them featured as they become approved or are announced. 

Pharma and medical devices also come together with joint efforts, such as the medicated stents that have been in the news recently, and devices that release insulin into the body by use of technology related pumps.  Strategic partnerships for pharma makes sense today, not only for products, but to keep on top of the completive world of medicine today.   Not too far down the road, personalized medicine will also present it’s challenges for the drug companies as well, with DNA doing the story telling and having the potential to drive clinical studies either up or down, and even perhaps breaking studies down in to smaller definitive groups.  Big pharma is also right up there investing in their biotech futures as well.  BD  



The medical imaging companies are not the only ones analyzing closely these convergence trends -Johnson & Johnson,Abbott Labs,Hoffman La Roche, andBaxter Internationalrepresent four drug companies with strong business segments in medical devices.

Global medical device market outperforms drug market growth (WTN News)

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