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MediBid Opens Online Portal – Deal or No Deal Bidding for Medical Services – Need A “Highcostectomy”

Posted Jan 05 2010 11:03am

One more site MediBid, where physicians and patients can set pricing and “bid” on procedures has appeared on the internet.   What I found interesting here was the use of a new word, image“highcostectomy”.  I think we can all use one of those.  There is a charge to sign up and use the service and portal.  The annual fee for MDs is $249.00 and they also post a facility fee that starts at $1000.00 a year.

Shopping for the Medical Care – New Websites Appearing to Engage the Process

In looking around at the site, it appears this is also bringing imaging and medical suppliers into the picture as well, so it seems that a supplier could also put their medical products up for bid too.  With imaging centers added this would seem to get a little more interesting with being able to put your imaging needs out there as a patient too.  I am guessing electronic medical record transmissions would be needed here to be able to send images to doctors and vice versa with those who may not have worked together before. 

Again, with supplies and devices, this could turn real interesting if we start seeing let’s say different knee device makers putting products up for bid too, as the doctors doing procedures will need to be familiar with those product to use them, but perhaps this is where a physician would bid versus a patient doing it directly?  BD 

From the website:

”MediBid puts the ability to make informed healthcare decisions right at your fingertips. You simply post a request for care. It can be anything from a consultation, to a second opinion on knee replacement surgery, a new kind of cancer therapy, or simply an annual mammogram. Then MediBid provides you with a variety of medical practitioners to choose from, listing credentials, costs, treatment program -- everything you need to make the decision best for YOU. It's completely private. Completely secure. And once you choose your doctor, the entire relationship is directly between the two of you. You save time. You save money. And at long last, gain control of your health care needs. Find a doctor today and take control of your healthcare needs.


I'm Uninsured
If you're uninsured, MediBid helps keep you from going untreated. Doctors who are registered on know they are dealing directly with cash paying patients. This makes it easier for you, the patient to find and obtain the care you need at a mutually agreed upon price.

My insurance doesn't cover the procedure
So what? With MediBid, you're in charge when your insurance doesn't cover a procedure or therapy. With a global network of medical practitioners, you'll be able to find one willing to provide the care you need at a mutually agreed upon price: so the procedure you need is a procedure you can undergo. If you can come up with the cash, MediBid will help you come up with the doctor.

I have a high deductible health plan
You went with a high deductible to save money on your insurance premium. With MediBid, you can now simply use the money you've been saving and become a cash-paying patient . By being a cash paying patient, you'll be able to receive care at a mutually agreed upon price -- without fearing your health is at risk.

I'm considering elective surgery
Stop considering it and start planning it with MediBid. All interested physicians registered with MediBid will submit bids in response to your request, detailing their treatment process and their price. You decide which bid best meets your criteria for price, location and specialty. Making your elective surgery something you can elect to have.”

PASO ROBLES, CA – A California company is launching an online portal in 2010 designed to link patients to doctors who set their own prices.

MediBid, based in Paso Robles, is aiming to provide an interactive marketplace that allows cash-paying patients to seek medical care from doctors, hospitals and facilities both locally and around the world.

"MediBid helps physicians to expand their fee-for-service practice through private contracting," said MediBid founder and CEO Ralph Weber. "By removing the middleman from medical care, MediBid makes it possible for the uninsured, the underinsured, Canadians on a waiting list, people using a high deductible healthcare plan with an HRA or HSA, and people seeking experimental procedures, elective surgery or a non-covered procedure to be able to afford the care they want and need."

New offering allows docs to set their own prices for services | Healthcare Finance News

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