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MedApps Remote Monitoring for 3G Added to AT&T 3G Platform

Posted Jan 07 2011 12:48pm

MedApps is one of the devices/software services that has been cleared by the FDA.  Sometimes what does and does not need FDA approval gets a bit cloudy today.  MedApps combines several devices into one platform so you line up an army of devices and have them all respond and post data to one place. image

FDA approves HealthPal – Bluetooth Device that Collects from Other Reporting Devices and Sends Information to PHR – HealthVault or Google Health

A few months ago I also touched on the their cloud application and now with the image cellular connection with AT&T you can be connected all the time. 

There’s a lot going on at CES this week with many devices and a lot of choices.  If you go to the web site you can see the company has testified in front of Congress, but don’t hold your breath there as I’m sure they understand all of this yet and even though these are consumer products they still seem to think “its for those guys over there”. 

Big problem with non participants today that keeps rearing it’s ugly head and now that the new head of the science committee is 90 years old, he’s certainly a candidate to use this product, but don’t expect him to get it anytime soon I am guessing after what I saw yesterday on the floor of the House with still using a paper 3 ring binder to read the Constitution.  BD

Meanwhile, AT&T will connect the MedApps suite to its 3G network and sell MedApps' remote-care monitoring hub and enterprise back-end products with AT&T's ForHealth applications.

"It will help AT&T offer m-health solutions that are user-agnostic and universally accessible, despite carrier, device type or operating system," Porter said.

When designing health-care IT applications that reach a diversity of demographics it is essential to get patients to comply with medical procedures, according to Kent Dicks, CEO of MedApps.

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