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McDonalds Starting a 3 Year Study on Cow Flatulence – Go Green and Forget Brown

Posted Jan 11 2010 11:13am

Brown stinks, what can you say.  What is interesting here is the amount of flatulence the cow produces per cheeseburger (grin).  In order to keep those burgers onimage the map we need to reduce brown (grin).  The UK has already sent in some results here and now the burger=gas issue is to continue here in the US.  Next time you visit a McDonalds and order that cheeseburger, just keep in mind how much brown it took to bring that burger to your plate.  We do want happy cows among us.  BD  

Flatulent livestock accounts for 4 per cent of Britain's carbon emissions.

Now the fast food company has agreed to look into ways of lessoning the problem and will being to study cows in the US.

A study carried out in America in 2006 calculated that producing a single cheeseburger involves the emission of around 3.1kg of carbon dioxide.

McDonalds begins three year study of cow flatulence - Telegraph

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