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Marketing Must Avoid IT to Drive Patient Volume

Posted May 29 2012 8:22am
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Posted by: on May 29, 2012

Nick Burns (Jimmy Fallon) Your Company Computer Guy

Hospital IT departments are under fire for what they are not doing to help healthcare. Why does a marketing department care? Because as communication goes digital, marketing will be either helped or hindered by their relationship with IT.

Here is a post via the O’Reilly Radar tech blog discussing the woeful state of IT in healthcare as published by the American Hospital Association (AHA).  IT departments are being asked to do lots of almost impossible things from Electronic Medical Records to data analysis to finds cost savings. Probably the last thing on their minds is how to help marketing.

First of all, have a little empathy for your brethren in IT. They are being asked to do challenging things, and they’re often criticized when they fall short.

But secondly, marketing will probably have to find ways to avoid IT, like outsourcing cloud-based social media tools and automation softwares.

As marketing goes digital, understand the situations that challenge the IT department and influence their priorities. Then find other ways to solve your own digital communications challenges.

We’d love to hear more about the relationship your marketing department has with IT. Please consider commenting below.

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