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Marketing Lingo Can Land You in Google Jail

Posted Nov 21 2011 7:33am
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Posted by: on Nov 21, 2011 |

I recently wrote a post about identifying correct marketing targets and I used the term “sweet spot,” and in the example I used, I identified the prime demographic as a 55-year-old female.

I have to be careful about making the same mistake as I explain this to you because the Google algorithm identified a pattern of people finding that post that were looking for… ummmmmhow should I say this… some kind of middle-aged marital advice. Consequently, my posts were temporarily banned from searches and bookmarking sites like StumbledUpon and Digg.

Hopefully you are figuring out what I am trying to say about how the words got put together and I don’t have to explain it in more graphic detail and risk another banishment from the civilized Internet.

So what happened next? After a moment of panic, there was embarrassment, followed by taking action to correct the situation (which included taking the post down).

But here is the lesson: I will never again be naive about any double meanings in my marketing lingo before posting to social media sources. We all have to be thinking two steps ahead about the terms we use, and if they could potentially be taken out of context by someone searching for something else.

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