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Man Saves Life With His Own Stem Cells Going Beyond the Stent With Bone Marrow Injections to Grow New Arteries (Video)

Posted Feb 07 2011 1:27am

Perhaps too someday many of the stents used today might become obsolete too as image you watch what is done in the video.  Stem cells are grown from the patient’s own bone marrow and in one case the results were felt almost immediately by the patient as the stem cells grow new arteries around the heart. 

In another case a woman with extreme pain in her legs had the same type of procedure. Dr. Woo  who performed the procedure says any patient who is a candidate for coronary bypass surgery is a good candidate for his stem-cell transplant.  Recently there has been so many break throughs with stem cells and if this is the case for healing, we may see fewer devices in use in the future.  BD 

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- For the first time in the United States, one man's heart has been saved by his own stem cells.

It's an amazing medical breakthrough. The science behind the technique made it possible for a man to literally save his own life through his stem cells.

John Christy is the first person in the U.S. to have his own bone marrow stem cells injected into his heart to save his heart.

"All you're doing is giving back to yourself something you already hav image e," said Christy

This Vietnam veteran was suffering from severe coronary artery disease.

"I was just thinking, 'You're getting old, you're just tiring out and getting weary bones.' I felt tingling. My legs had been swelling a little bit," said Christy.

In one procedure, cardiothoracic surgeon Joseph Woo at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine is taking science from bench to bedside. After five years of research in animals, he is now retrieving stem cells from Christy's bone marrow and using them to grow blood vessels around the heart.

"They form brand new micro blood vessels and deliver blood flow to the heart muscle," said Woo.


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