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Lubrication System Design of Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Posted Oct 25 2012 7:38am

The lubrication station is composed of the fuel tank, fuel pumps, filter (binoculars mesh oil filters and magnetic filter), tube cooler and instrumentation, piping, valves and other components. The oil is sucked out from the tank, which is directly sent to the lubrication points of the device through the check valve, binoculars mesh-type oil filter and cooler. The high work pressure of the oil station is 0.4MPa. The lowest work pressure is 0.1MPa. According to the requirements of the lubrication points, you can determine the using pressure by adjusting the safety valve. When the working pressure of the petrol stations working exceeds the pressure of the settling pressure of the safety valve, the safety valve will automatically open. The excess oil will be back into the tank.
The structural characteristics of the thin oil station are the followings.
First, there is a spare pump. The thin oil station has two oil pumps. The oil pump works in normal circumstances. When the system pressure is lower than the set value, the alternate pump works to ensure to continue supply the host with lubricants.
Second, the binoculars mesh-type oil filter is put in the cooler. The oil passing ability of the oil in the oil filter is related to the viscosity of the oil. If the viscosity is great, the oil passing ability is poor. On the contrary, if the oil passing ability is good and the temperature is high, the viscosity will reduce. The good oil passing ability will cause good filtering effect.
Third, you can use the binoculars mesh-type oil filter. The binoculars mesh-type oil filter has two groups of filter elements. When the working filter element needs to be replaced, you can use the switching valve to make the spare filter element work. You can remove the original filter and replace the filter disc. This kind of oil filter has compact structure, which is easy to be replaced.
In a summary, the crushing machine requires scientific and technological innovation. The mining enterprises should design and produce the crusher according to the market demand. The hydraulic cone crusher can greatly improve the crushing efficiency of the crusher itself and reduce the labor density. 

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