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Louisiana to facilitate adoption of electronic medical records systemsJuly 13, 2009

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:08pm

This is great news for the advance of electronic health records.  Kudos to Louisiana Governor Jindal for embracing this step forward and the state legislature for bringing this bill forward (The Electronic Health Records Loan Program Act – Senate Bill 246 by Senators Sherri Smith Cheek, Ben Nevers and Francis Thompson, and Representative Anthony Ligi).  The key element in all of this will be the federal interpretation of meaningful use. That is a very generic term and can cover a lot of ground.  If it is applied to streamlining record keeping, maintaining an orderly flow of information to prevent loss of info or duplication of testing etc, then that will be a good thing. If however, the federal overseers in DC decide that meaningful use must translate into cost savings, cuts in spending and the like, then we continue to worry about the temptation to penalize practitioners as well as limit choice and options for patients.  We have time and again urge the adoption of useful electronic tools in medical practice and health care, but we must temper that, always, with a prudent distrust and skepticism of the motives of the federal agencies behind these programs . . obi jo

DHH Secretary Alan Levine said, “We are looking forward to working with physicians and hospitals on Governor Jindal’s continuing efforts to better manage the health and well-being of our citizens. This program will help advance the use of technology in a meaningful way to provide better patient care.”

Jindal signs electronic medical records bill

Louisiana is creating a new electronic health records loan program designed to help hospitals and doctors go digital with medical records.  Gov. Bobby Jindal signed the bill creating the program, but the plan is tied to federal stimulus money the state has yet to receive.  The bill allows the state health department to apply for the stimulus money to dole out loans to health care providers for the purchase and implementation of electronic health record systems.  The state budget includes $5 million in matching money required for Louisiana to apply for the federal grant. State officials hope to draw down $25 million in federal money.  The law also allows the loan program to draw on other sources of funding if available.

Jindal signs electronic medical records bill –

Jindal signs electronic medical records bill –

Jindal signs electronic medical records bill –,0,

Louisiana Gov. Jindal Signs Electronic Health Records Bill –

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