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Live at the in Reston, VA Town Hall

Posted Aug 28 2009 8:06pm

Lots of strong feelings here, at this town hall, hosted by Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA), with a special guest, Howard Dean. And a few zanies, too, including this avowed Lyndon LaRouche supporter, pictured above--note the lettering on his sign.

This high school gym is packed, this gym holds 2500 seated, and more standing. And there are still long lines outside. Obama supporters appeared to outnumber opponents--lots of "Yes We Can" chants earlier. But when Moran and Dean walked in, the boos seemed to run about even with the cheers.

Moran is starting out strong. A rabbi gave the invocation, and then a Boy Scout led the Pledge of Allegiance, giving the event the sort of proper solemnity that any civic function should have. But of course, politics and culture always insert themselves--as the Scout led the pledge, conservatives shouted out, extra loud, the words "UNDER GOD," while a few liberals, put their emphasis on "FOR ALL" at the end of the pledge.

Of course, it's different elsewhere in the country. In Arkansas, Razorbacks oppose Obamacare by more than 2:1.

Most trenchant sign here in Reston: "Hurt 100% to 'Help' 5%."
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