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Lipitor Stinks–Recall of Musty Odor Smelling Bottles– Too Close The Chemically Treated Pallets–Need 2D Barcode

Posted Oct 08 2010 7:29pm

Johnson and Johnson had the same problem and here we go again, look up those image lost numbers and see if the pharmacies have any in house. Scanning with a cell phone with 2D bar codes once again would be a lot nicer and convenient.  I just hinted this week at someone from Pfizer to take at using bar codes, we would love it on consumer products too.  In this case the pharmacists would have loved it.  Read this next link for more information.

Here’s a clip from a prior post and check out that heat map Pfizer as once each bottle was scanned you would have intelligence too as far as knowing where the bottles are, think about it.  Use the image Bar Code Campaign to find out more.  I think I’m up to around 30 posts now on this topic. image

“Ok remember a while back where I said stolen drugs could be located with Tags, well here we have a suggestion or an idea, a heat map from Bing.  The products could be tagged by “lot” number and/or products.  Obviously on a large scale we are looking at one grand “cloud” operation here.  Device and drug companies could have their own maps and of course with a synchronized FDA data base and perhaps one at the DEA some of those stolen articles could be found when someone goes to scan a product?  In case you have missed some of this click on the “bar code campaign” image and see a summary of what ideas I have been cooking up to even include the White House using them.  image The link is always at the top of the blog for reference any time.

So I decided to look and see if anyone has been scanning my tags and I mapped them.  You need to have over 20 scans to show up and I was impressed I have over the number needed which means folks have been scanning the tags on this blog!  The purple dots are the cell phone scans.

FDA Plans Recall Data Base – Nice Still Need Tags on the Products So We Can Find Them Immediately

Shoot even our neighbors in Canada would have loved to scan and find these bottles too with their cell phone I might guess.  BD 

A recall for Lipitor has been issued by Pfizer, Inc. for 191,000 bottles of the cholesterol drug due to reports of a musty odor, which may have been caused by some bottles being stored on pesticide-treated pallets. 

The Lipitor recall was announced this week in an FDA enforcement report, affecting seven lots of the drug sold in the United States and Canada, as well as three lots that were sold to a Canadian generic drug supplier. All were packaged in bottles from a third-party supplier.

The recall came after the drug maker began to receive reports from consumers about an odor from the Lipitor bottles. At least one illness has been reported in connection to the odor, but Pfizer claims that the illness was unrelated.

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