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Limbaugh compares Democrats to Nazis in the Latest Commentary of Emotions

Posted Aug 07 2009 10:49am

Well another day of criticism from Mr. Limbaugh, well he does get attention and again we are reminded his show is for entertainment.  He states in his audio below he is seeing a lot of things he has never seen before in this country, well be ready as all of us will be seeing a lot more things we have never seen in this country before. 

Overall, this is pretty tacky and stated by someone who is not up to date on technology, nor uses enough of it himself, not talking about the show, talking about himself personally, so to even think of him as any kind of mentor is pretty absurd.  Occasionally he makes some good points as do all individuals but I think he’s still somewhat stuck in the 70s and the type of hype and commentary offered today could be enlightened with some current day intelligence, in other words information rather than emotional outbursts would certainly be a switch, as all of the decision making processes today involve software.  Sure we all get emotional about it, but when it comes right down to the bare bones, it’s not about emotions, it’s about intelligent decisions with proper and humane implementation.   I tend to believe perhaps a little additional research doesn’t hurt anyone, including Rush before speaking out.  Sure, using the word Nazi gets attention and emotions stirred, but what has he accomplished other than this, not much I think, it is just that and doesn’t appear to be part of any solution in my estimation.  BD

In the latest skirmish in the increasingly vicious war over healthcare, Democrats are complaining loudly about conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh comparing them to Nazis.

On his show today, he criticized Democrats' proposals on healthcare, the environment, and other issues. Limbaugh also complained that anyone who disagrees with President Obama and Democrats is demonized, when Obama's grassroots supporters are the real "brownshirts." And on Limbaugh's website, an Obama healthcare logo is put side-by-side with a Nazi symbol.

Limbaugh compares Democrats to Nazis - National Politics Blog - Political Intelligence -

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