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Lifescan’s New Diabetes iPhone Applications – upload readings to the iPhone

Posted Mar 18 2009 3:54pm 3 Comments

Devices are getting smarter and now you can use the software to upload glucose readings to your iPhone.  Once the software has the information, you could move it over to the HealthVault I believe.  They are making it easier all the time with connected devices.  BD 

While I was off at spin class this morning, I’ve been bombarded with emails about this exciting announcement at the iPhone OS 3.0 preview event going on now:

Lifescan has unveiled an iPhone application that lets users upload glucose readings from their connected blood glucose monitors to their iPhone. “The meter will transmit your data over Bluetooth or the dock connector,” according to the device experts over at Engadget, who are liveblogging the event.  Cool!  I believe it’s the OneTouch Ping model we’re talking about here, based the posted photos and the fact that that meter is already wireless-enabled.


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Apparently, this isn't actually a product, nor does it have any immediate prospect of being a product. It's July now, 3.0 is out, yet no iPhone LifeScan app. A closer googling of the excitement back in March discloses an <a href="" target="_blank">interview with LifeScan</a>:

"... not of a commercially imminent product ..."
"... there’s still some refinement that needs to take place ..."
"... Well, again, it’s still very early for us ..."
" ... That hasn’t been determined yet ..." (how to share results with your doctor)

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I think these application would be the next big thing in the technology of mobile phones as iphone had already lauched there iphone travel application and now this application really looking for the better living by the use of iphone,and its not just all aboit fun there is something much more then it.
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