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Leeches are back in the news...a ...

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:20pm

Leeches are back in the news...and maybe maggots too?  Companies such as BioMonde (Korea) Co. Ltd. are hoping to capitalize on the use of medical script for 16 leeches and 44 maggots please...BD  image

SEOUL — For seven years, Duck-Im Kim and her family tried everything they could to cure a rare skin disease called purpura — a red or purple discoloration that some doctors believe is caused by bleeding underneath the skin.  image

The leeches are taken out of the container into a glass tube with which they can be slid onto the area of infection. Kim is now undergoing her fifth session of the treatment, which costs $220 per visit. She flinches for a moment as the leech bites in. Like leeches, maggots were widely used in medieval Europe and up until 1940s, when the medical industry made a technical leap into antibiotic therapy and surgery.

ABC News: Some Docs Latching Onto Leeches

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