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Learning to Learn

Posted Jan 07 2009 6:28pm

8899441_e35ebe69ea_t I laughed out loud at this post over on Dr. Gene Roche's site. He is so right! I was there when most of the folks said they preferred to journal in those composition notebooks you use to buy for English.  I was amazed. I had the opportunity to help one student who describes himself as "not very tech savvy" create a blog to journal in during our class last week. I admired his courage.


Learning to Learn

1.  What have I learned (today, this week, whenever)?

Well my blog is typically full of what I am learning or pondering but for the purpose of this assignment I am to answer in the following three areas.

A. This week I learned that some educators really could care less about growing technologically. They really do not feel an urgency or a need. I had convinced myself that while some educators were reluctant or scared...that they all would choose to master technology if the opportunity presented itself. I learned this week that was a wrong assumption. I shudder to think how far behind they will be when and if the time comes they change their mind. Knowledge is advancing at such an incredible rate. (But this isnt about what I wish they would learn, but rather what I am learning.)

Erik_anim B. I also learned that I have got to calm down and focus on just a few things at a time. Typically, I have 5-10 objects in the air at a time. I am pretty good at it actually. It isnt a new thing, I have done it since I was a kid. But every now and then something comes along that really requires much more of your attention than expected. Statisitics is that thing. I will need to really focus and rethink my leanring strategies for this one. I have even resorted to flashcards. I am reading, taking notes, rereading and still I am not convinced I will be able to do this. The good news... my daughter is also taking stats at another university, but she is making 100s. She "gets it" and promises to help me.

I keep asking myself... is this the topic, my study habits or the other 8 balls I am keeping going?

2.  How did I learn it?

A.   I learned this by listening to my colleagues. I remember during one of the classes the prof was showing the Web site of Roger Hiemstra, a prof well versed in adult learning theory. As he showed each potential self-directed learning activity on his site I found myself translating to a Web 2.0 version of the activity. I even had the thought of developing a learning contract where I took these activities and rewrote them in a way that made them suitable for the 21st Century learner.

However, as I listen to some of the others in the class I realized... wow...while most of the people I hang out with or respect have a high level of digital literacy, there are many highly intellectual beings who are quite happy to not gain this ability. That amazed me.

B. After rereading the first 5 chapters in the text and making flash cards (way more effort than what I usually give) and feeling like I really understood what was going on...attending class and feeling so very confused and lost.


3.  Could I have learned it better/differently?

A. No, probably not. This ah ha type of thing is always a powerful form of learning for me.
B. Yes. A similar thing happened last semester in another tough class. I wrote it off to being too busy. I should have known this semester would be similar and planned accordingly. Also I should have asked those who have already taken the course how they prepared. I will still do that.

4.  How could I use what I've learned to benefit someone else.   (In other words, could I teach/coach/help someone to learn more effectively based on my experience?)

A. By reflecting deeper about this interesting phenomena and asking questions of my colleagues I will come to a better understanding of why they are not compelled to become digitally literate and then I can blog about it for others who like me assume every educator (deep down inside) wants to learn and become more digitally literate.

B. Once I figure out what works...what helps me get a handle on the content. I will share it with those who have not taken the class.

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