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Leadership is…

Posted Jan 27 2010 8:28am


Lately, I have been thinking quite a bit about the shift in educational leadership that has occurred or has to occur in these changing times. What aspects of leadership works in this new era and what needs to shift in order to help school remain relevant in the lives of the students we serve.

I turned to my Twitter network to get their take. (You can add these smart people to your network too and learn from them like I do as their Twitter user names are in the parentheses) I asked them to complete the sentence:

Leadership is..

I went first…

Leadership is about learning together, and constructing meaning and knowledge collectively and collaboratively.

dwillard (dwillard)

@snbeach Leadership is being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and walk with them to a destination

gcarboni (gcarboni)

@snbeach Revised: Leadership is trusting others enough to allow them to lead.

teechrk12 (teechrk12)

@snbeach … Shared!

Peter Beens (pbeens)

@snbeach Leadership is to empower; to create an environment where collaboration and social networking are the norm, not the exception.

JFarm (JFarm)

@snbeach inspiration, perspiration, dedication, compassion… Not in any specific order.

Chuck Bell (Chuck_Bell_)

@snbeach Working on the sentence…regarding leadership, I thought this was very insightful……great advice!

Lisa Mireles (lisamireles)

@snbeach creating supportive space so that each member of the learning community to reach their fullest potential.

JosieHolford (JosieHolford)

@snbeach And leadership is…definitely what we don’t have a lot of now.

JosieHolford (JosieHolford)

@snbeach Leadership is… when no one thinks you are leading but progress is made anyway

JosieHolford (JosieHolford)

@snbeach Leadership is … when followers follow and then in turn lead even when you are long gone.

Josh Allen (j_allen)

@snbeach …not always having to have the right answer because you hired the right staff.

Mark Carls (mcarls)

@snbeach Leadership is making informed decisions and sticking to them. Not wavering when things get rough. Being The Role Model.

JosieHolford (JosieHolford)

@snbeach ” Leadership” is like the words progressive and excellence - empty of meaning. But you know it when you experience it.

Jim Meredith (jdmeredith42)

@snbeach service


@snbeach LEadership is realizing you cannot do it alone…

angie abbott (ladyvolhoops)

@snbeach leadership is getting your teachers to work harder than they ever have and thank you for making them do it.

Randy Rodgers (rrodgers)

@snbeach Leadership is pushing others to expand their capabilities beyond their own expectations.

JosieHolford (JosieHolford)

@snbeach Leadership is always having to say you are sorry.t

Tom Turner (Tom_Turner)

@snbeach Leadership is: not being afraid to take chances

FreshCrust (Trattoria Freshcrust)

@snbeach putting yourself last, your people first

carolyn kick (ckicker)

@snbeach Leadership is to empower, engage, and establish those around you.

gcarboni (gcarboni)

@snbeach allowing others to lead.

heiditaylor (heiditaylor)

@snbeach Leadership is communicating the mission and vision daily in various ways to move an organization towards strategical objectives.

Jeremy Brueck (brueckj23)

@snbeach Leadership is setting high standards for academic & social development of all students & performance of adults & taking them there.

Lesley Edwards (bookminder)

@snbeach … willingness to try new things even if the road is a bit rocky in order to change things for the better.

Lorraine Orenchuk (lorenchuk)

@snbeach visionary, courageous and supportive to start

Michael Josefowicz (ToughLoveforX)

@snbeach Leadership is… finding and nurturing precisely the right people for your team. about 14 hours ago from web in reply to snbeach

Thanks Twitter Network!



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