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Laser Beams for Treating Toenail fungus

Posted Apr 12 2009 11:51pm

The product has been cleared by the FDA, so now lasers to the fungus.  It is not cheap and the site has a limited number of doctors who are now image providing the service.  The product claims it is better than anything else on the market. BD 

"The laser beam travels through the nail to the level of the nail fungus and kills the fungus instantly," said Gary Evans, a New York City podiatrist.

Not only is toe fungus ugly and embarrassing, it's also easy to catch, as it thrives in wet environments such as nail salons and locker rooms. And people will do just about anything to hide it. Podiatrist Paul Greenberg said he has female patients who say their husbands haven't seen their feet in 25 years.

The procedure takes less than a half hour and, while results aren't immediate, the toenail will grow out normally in nine to 12 months, in most cases.

PathoLase said its laser is 88 percent effective, which it claims is better than anything else on the market.

Promising New Treatment for Fungus-Free Feet - ABC News

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