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Know the Early Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer's disease

Posted Nov 22 2012 8:28am

Perhaps we all are familiar with the dreadfulAlzheimer's disease, its effects, and consequences. For those who are unsure of what Alzheimer's disease exactly is, it can be simply defined as adisease in which your memory disintegrates with the passage of time. Well to be true there is a certain disintegration of memory when we start aging especially after 60s. But inAlzheimer's patients, memory disintegration is more rapid and there is also a gradual decline of the cognitive processing of the brain such as thinking and reasoning. The most awful fact about Alzheimer's diseaseis that even with such advancement of medical science in the present era, there is yet no cure forAlzheimer's disease. In the present scenario if you are detected with Alzheimer's disease you will have to live with it for the rest of your life. Below mentioned are some early signs and symptoms of Alzheimer's disease that you must be aware of in order to take proper measures at the initial stages of the disease.

Alarming early signs and symptoms of Alzheimer's disease

Memory Loss:People who are likely to suffer from Alzheimer's disease in the future will start experiencing memory loss at an early age in their life. Patient are more likely to forget recently learned information and facts. Forgetting where they have recently kept the belongings, dates, important events, asking the same question repeatedly, relying on hand written notes and reminders, etc. are the most common early symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.

Cognitive Degradation: Cognitive processing is an important activity performed by the brain which enables us to perceive and understand the surrounding situation, solving the daily problems we face in our everyday life, gives us the ability to reason and question, etc. Patients likely to suffer from Alzheimer's syndrome in the future will face a gradual decline in the cognitive processing of the brain.

Difficulty in solving Problems: As a result of cognitive decline solving everyday problems becomes more and more difficult for the patient. Patients may face difficulty in doing arithmetic calculations, using mobile phones and computers, cooking, driving, etc.

Confusion: Patients may also portray symptoms of sudden confusion and bewilderment about the time and place. In such cases they may behave abnormally and portray juvenile behavior as they may start conceiving themselves as a child.

Difficulty at work: Since there is cognitive and memory breakdown, patients will gradually start having difficulty at work.

Avoiding social activities: Patients may start to avoid socializing with others because of embarrassment and fear as it becomes difficult for them to remember individual names and carry a healthy conversation with others.

Mood Swings and Abnormal Behavior: Patients may start portraying bipolar behavior with periodic mood swings. Abnormal and psychotic behavior is also a common symptom of patients suffering from Alzheimer's syndrome.

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