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Know about Medical Transcription Companies and the Services Offered

Posted Jul 31 2012 7:35am

Read this article to know about medical transcription companies and the services they offer. With the increase in demand for medical transcription services, there is also an equally rapid growth in the number of companies providing them. With the support of various advanced technological devices and experienced professionals, these firms provide reliable, safe, affordable and accurate services.

Medical transcription firms are of great support as they can help you right from the time the dictation capture is done up to the proper document distribution. They can transcribe a wide range of medical records including physical reports, diagnostic reports, laboratory summaries, patient history, surgical summaries, consultation notes, follow-up letters, death summaries, test reports, referrals, X-ray reports and medical examination. Their services are available to various specialties including cardiology, orthopedics, pediatrics, internal medicine, gastroenterology, radiology, chiropractic and podiatry.

With high accuracy, medical transcription firms deliver services distinguished by features such as automated electronic report distribution, document flow management system, electronic medical record solution, web-based file transfer, availability of full work-flow modules and more. As a healthcare professional, you can benefit from medical transcription services in so many ways.

  Eliminate transcription headaches
  Improve revenue for your practice – high accuracy in transcription accelerates the reimbursement process, which in turn ensures you rapid cash flow.
  Increase your patient base: You will get more time to give quality healthcare to your patients and build your healthcare practice.
  Free up resources
  Reduce cost – medical professionals can reduce the costs associated with maintaining additional employees and office infrastructure.
  Reduce downtime
  Reduce rejected claims

If you are planning to outsource medical transcription, you need to shortlist a few medical transcription firms and choose one that can meet your specific needs. Before choosing a medical transcription company, consider the following things:

  Years of experience the company has in the field
  Quick and customized turnaround time
  Whether professionals are at your service
  Whether the transcription firm follows HIPAA norms and regulations, thus offering guaranteed security of patient‘s health related information
  Whether it follows FTP for dispatching the transcribed files through encrypted sites for more security
  Pricing rate
  Security, privacy, and continuity terms
  Whether you are ensured flexible dictation options
  Whether 24 hour customer service is available
  Whether the medical reports provided undergo multi level checks by professionals, in order to prevent errors.

Of course, the choice of the medical transcription company is the main thing. Take your own time and make the right decision so that the medical transcription firm you choose can provide you with error-free documentation solutions.

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