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Knee Scaffolds Help help rebuild the Cartilage after injury – Regenerative Medicine

Posted Aug 16 2009 10:32pm

There’s a lot of new breakthroughs in this area whereby either scaffolds or stem cell treatments are helping skin and other tissue cells virtually grow back.  Not too long ago I did an interview with Cook Medical and you can read more at the link below as similar techniques and products  are used to create the image same process of growing back tissue. 

Regenerative Medicine and How it Works – Interview with Cook Biotech (Medical)

A video from the websiteoffers a bit more of an explanation.  

The Cook Biotech products are known in the medical community as Biodesign and have many applications.

Biodesign products are used for procedures such as: 

    • Hernia repair
    • Pelvic floor reconstruction
    • Treating pelvic organ prolapse
    • Fistulas
    • Wound care
    • Oral surgery applications (known as “Oasis”)

This is also a good video to watch what is being done with regenerative medicine too from the University of Pittsburgh/TED.  Dr. Oz does a good job here with showing how entire organs are grown as well, there are 9 women walking around Boston with bladders that were grown and they are working on livers next.  BD 

ONE way for surgeons to repair injured knees is to take cartilage and bone from another part of the knee and transplant it in the damaged area.

Now companies are developing potentially simpler knee patches: small, off-the-shelf plugs engineered to mimic the composition of human bone and cartilage.


These ready-made cylinders can be inserted in an arthroscopic procedure; they are often used after a sports injury. They are known as osteochondral scaffolds, because they support new bone and cartilage as it grows.

“The scaffold guides the tissue formation of bone on one side and cartilage on the other,” Dr. Gibson said.

The scaffold disappears in about six months. “Over time the cells that attach to the scaffold produce enzymes that dissolve it,” Dr. Gibson said. At the same time, the cells are putting down their own matrix.

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