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Kevin Costner Talks About His Oil Spill Technology that BP Has Purchased – Cleaning up the Water With Technology That Was

Posted Jun 15 2010 11:33am

When I first heard this I was skeptical but this is real and Mr. Costner invested in this technology back in 1992 and he brought it to market.  He states that people image thought spills were over and he tried for years to market the product. 

The oil spill is going to create health issues in the gulf for sure and it took a big enough spill to get everyone focuses unfortunately.  BP has purchased 32 of the units and Costner’s company is gearing up to get them manufactured.  He says BP saw the machines 10 years ago and then began to put the machine in places where it didn’t really below but blew past every test BP threw at them.  I can sure attest to what Kevin Costner has been through as we have a ton of this in healthcare too with those either in “tech denial” or those who are “non participants”.  Getting an audience and showing value is a major issue all over today with getting through that “wall” and enabling a level of curiosity as without that element, nothing gets done and intelligence with emergencies situations does not grow.   

Also, another big effort coming to New Orleans, Remote Area Medical will be arriving for a free clinic at the end of August with a focus on the oil spill and out of state doctors are free to sign up to donate time.  BD 

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