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Johnson and Johnson (McNeil) Lays Off 300 Employees and Will Re-Tool the Tylenol Factory

Posted Jul 15 2010 4:10pm

Other factory locations are slated to pick up some of the manufacturing as the factory will more than likely be closed until about this time next year according to this article.  It takes time to get a whole new lot of machines in place, and at the same time add some new technology as that is always image part of the deal in this century. 

I didn’t realize how large the recall was, 136 million bottles, that’s a lot when you look at the actual count.

Perhaps maybe we could see some way of recalling products when all is re-opened for business again?  This would be nice.

If you would like to be able to use your cell phone as a scanner to find FDA recalled products when you finish reading here, please hash in a vote on the poll if you will.  This is by far nowhere near the end of recalls for J and J and every other device/drug company and we need a system soon. 

Recalls of both medical devices and drugs are growing for a number of reasons.  First of all, we have a lot more information available today than what we have ever had and we need to capitalize on this opportunity quickly.   We read in the news every day it seems about quality control issues, devices needing software updates and so on.  How do we get the word out quickly and efficiently?  If one has times they can certainly search the web and put out a full on effort to find all of this every day, but healthcare workers have the same problems we all have and that is time.  When human lives are involved, time is everything. image

The opportunity to turn a cell phone into a “scanner” with real time information is huge.  As mentioned above, this can be a daunting task at times and we have people at all different stages with using technology today and in my opinion, using a cell phone makes sense, when all one has to do is open a program on the phone and simply “shoot and aim” and relative information would be available instantly.  Back in October of 2009 I kept reading about all the recalls of devices and created my first opinion/idea post here.  It just made sense to me. 

Employees so far have been paid and now it appears severance packages will be offered and perhaps some rehired in time next year.  BD

Consumer pharmaceutical giant McNeil announced they would be letting go three-fourths of the workforce from their Fort Washington clip_image004 site.

Three hundred of the company's 400 staffers were given notice Thursday afternoon that they would no longer have a job.

A division of Johnson & Johnson, McNeil Consumer makes some of the most popular over-the-counter medicines like Tylenol , Imodium and Motrin.

The company shut down medicine manufacturing at the Fort Washington plant along Camp Hill Road in May following a major recall of Children's Tylenol. The 136 million bottles child's pain reliever were voluntarily recalled by McNeil after metallic flakes were found in the medicine.

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