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Jindal asks for rejection of unfunded mandates

Posted Oct 01 2009 9:45pm

Jindal asks for rejection of unfunded mandates

This will likely not be the last state governor to weigh in on the issue of Medicaid expansion, as it may create huge fiscal problems for most states (such as California) and others.  Unfunded mandates from the federal government to the states have been a bone of contention for some time and with the health care debate, the rubber may be hitting the road.  Many states will simply not be able to comply without massive cuts in payments to providers and hospitals which will likely reduce the number of providers willing to see and treat Medicaid patients.  Congress and the President need to think long and hard about this issue and how it will play out . . . jomaxx

Gov. Bobby Jindal sent a letter to Louisiana’s congressional delegation urging them to oppose any national health care overhaul that would require states to pick up part of the tab.   Jindal sent the letter Wednesday, echoing the concerns of several governors who say they worry about a possible expansion of Medicaid, the federal-state health insurance program for the needy and disabled.  Cash-strapped states already are struggling with growing Medicaid budgets. Louisiana also faces a $700 million annual cut in federal spending in the state’s Medicaid program that will begin in the 2010-2011 budget year.  Jindal, a Republican, opposes the Democrats’ national health care overhaul proposals being debated in Congress.

Jindal asks for rejection of unfunded mandates –

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