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It's The Economy, Stupid

Posted Aug 23 2008 10:37pm
over the years, I have been asked some interesting questions about a general reluctance amongst some people with medical degrees to actually practice medicine.

For example, I was recently asked in an interview for a medical management position why "doctor's didn't do as they were told?"

Nearly a decade ago an administrator asked me "why all us doctors wanted to do was anything but see patients."

I was confronted by a patient and told I was greedy, that's why I spent so much time on the golf course. (There is a non-sequitur in this statement that I am at a loss to counter. Not only do greedy people spend little time recreating on the golf course, I gave up golf years ago because I couldn't get the ball past those little windmill blades on the mini-putt!)

It probably does relate to the landscape of economic activity and how it has come to treat the healing profession. After all, Arnold Kim's story shows that it is possible to make more money writing a blog than practicing nephrology. I guess you just have to put your mind to it and be ruthlessly realistic .

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy seeing patients. It's the noise that bothers me; the administrative, governmental, para-health professional pandering BS that gets in the way of simply being a diagnoser , counsellor , treater and hopefully confidante to another human being.

At some point it becomes possible to gain more professional satisfaction working as a blogger than a physician.

Yes it IS the economy!
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