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It doesn't happen overnight and ...

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:23pm

It doesn't happen overnight and is not a bowl of cherries, but worth it all in the long run.  Training is also very important.  BD 

How long does it take a hospital with 148 beds and more than 31,900 emergency visits per year to fully digitize its records? Newport Hospital is still working on it, even though their efforts began 15 years ago. However, they are one of only six hospitals out of more than 4,300 in the United States to reach stage six in electronic medical recording.

Dr. Leibowitz said while the system takes some getting used to, it is a change that needs to happen for doctors statewide.

"It is what medicine has to be, or you're going to be forced out," he said.

Mr. Cipriani said the computerization of several services, such as using voice recognition software to type a doctor's notes instead of relying on a nurse to decipher them, has increased safety at the hospital.

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