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Is this the best you can do Mr. President?July 9, 2009

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:08pm

If you click on the link below, which promises to give you a copy of the President’s health plan, you get essentially three catch phrases with a place to sign a petition in support of his plan.  Lower costs is one, but that is all it says. Keep your choice of doctor is another, but that’s it too. Finally, need reform but must have a government option. That is the extent of the info listed on this petition on President Obama’s site. Hardly a detailed outline of his health plan. Is this the best you can do Mr. President? A superficial appeal for public support based on bait and switch and catch phrases?

Let’s get real . . . as in Real Health Reform. Read our plan and make some of these changes now with Executive Decisions. Congress can only get this wrong, as they usually do . . . obi jo and jomaxx

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